Jennifer Bett Communications offers start-ups and uniquely competitive brands a creative, multi-dimensional approach to consumer awareness.


Our Beginning


JBC was launched in January 2014 to bring a more thoughtful approach to Public Relations. We craft meaningful narratives and devise dynamic, results-driven strategies that ultimately drive growth and scale for our partners. We are a media relations agency approaching PR in a way that speaks to consumers, investors, and the industry as a whole to secure market share and a defining foothold within our brands’ respective categories.

JBC represents fast growing venture backed start-ups and uniquely competitive brands who are addressing the evolving consumer market. We tell stories across all media platforms, consumer and business, for our partners in industries spanning fashion, beauty, health & wellness, CPG, food/ beverage, technology and home.


What we do


Communications Strategy

Company & Product Launches

Content Amplification

Creative Campaign Ideation

Media Relations

Positioning & Messaging

Strategic Partnerships

Thought Leadership



WIDe awake conference


After years of working with rapidly growing female-led brands and booking clients for major conferences across the country, JBC  founders Jennifer Meyer and Melissa Conner realized that these events weren’t meeting the needs of early-stage female entrepreneurs. 

As a kickoff to International Women’s Day, JBC, in partnership with The Luminary and Rebecca Minkoff’s Female Founders Collective, created “Wide Awake: A Day For Female Founders.”  Wide Awake was a free forum for female founders to learn from successful entrepreneurs and leaders across industries. From panels to workshops and discussions, the conference tackled everything from building a brand and managing money finances to recruiting talent and implementing a social media strategy. Guests were not only able to hear from inspiring leaders, but interact, ask questions, and gain actionable takeaways that translate to business and real life. 

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