PARACHUTE makes modern home essentials to enhance your life. Over the past two years, JBC worked with the Parachute team to craft a strong narrative to highlight Parachute’s key value propositions and set the brand apart from others in the space. While telling the evolving brand story (creating its first store, opening a namesake hotel and introducing new categories), JBC simultaneously elevated the founder’s profile through unique storytelling - profile columns, broadcast opportunities and podcasts in lifestyle and business press. JBC also created unique media activations in order to drive buzz surrounding new and key products and collections.




RADEN is the case for better travel. It’s everything you need to seamlessly get from point A to point B — an end to end experience for better travel by pairing the world's best materials with technology. Travelers can weigh their case from home, charge their devices on the go, communicate directly with customer service, and use location based features to ease the stress of the journey. Leading up to the March 2016 launch, JBC coordinated a media tour for CEO Josh Udashkin to introduce his smart case and demo its capabilities. Launch press was secured across the top fashion and lifestyle print and online media. As the brand continues to evolve, JBC consistently places stories surrounding key moments and trends to reinforce the brand's stake in the ground. 




NAADAM is a luxury ready-to-wear brand that specializes in rare cashmere sourced responsibly and sustainably from nomadic Mongolian herders. Naadam delivers beautiful product with unexpected prices with unparalleled quality through a business model that goes directly to the source and supports supply chain sustainability with non-profit work. A partner since 2015, JBC has successfully worked to establish cofounder Matt Scanlan as an innovative entrepreneur, leveraging his expertise with thought leadership opportunities and business profiles; while at the same time increasing the brand’s credibility amongst top tier fashion outlets.




MISSION STATEMENT is a cross-over brand of athletic and leisure wear for women who expect nothing less than thoughtful details and meticulous craftsmanship, created by Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank. JBC was tasked with launching the brand in October 2016, and secured a print exclusive with ELLE and the cover of WWD.. Other launch press included,, Vanity,, and JBC continues to elevate the brand by telling the brand story, and positioning Hilary as an expert in the field.




M.GEMI stands for luxury shoes, made the old way and sold the new way. Delivering unrivaled quality at an unheard of cadence and with unfairly good prices, M.Gemi is dramatically changing the luxury footwear industry. M.Gemi brought JBC on in October 2016 for in-depth storytelling around the brand, its founders and their unique approach to standing out in a crowded industry. JBC has worked closely with the M.Gemi team to define the brand’s messaging and positioning in the fashion, retail and business spaces; sharing the brand’s story in myriad ways across those verticals.