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The Services

JBC offers a creative and multi-dimensional approach to public relations and overall consumer awareness that supports uniquely competitive businesses. From fashion and retail, to health, beauty and wellness, food and beverage, technology and social impact, we develop meaningful narratives and dynamic, results-driven strategies that drive growth and enduring affinity for brands at all stages.







We've always been advocates for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Since our launch in January 2014, our clientele has almost entirely been represented by early-stage, venture-backed companies, and we work hard to ensure that our work speaks to consumers, investors and the industry as a whole. Even if we're not formally working together (yet, anyway), we want to give people access to our expertise to help them get to that important next step in their business — whatever it may be. In our latest efforts to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, JBC is proud to introduce Office Hours: On Friday, Oct. 25, we'll open our doors to six founders and allow them to pick our brains on everything that may fall under the JBC umbrella. Be it crafting meaningful narratives or devising dynamic, results-driven media plans, come on by — we can't wait to meet you. Access is limited, and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.